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Mar 5, 2013 6:00am PST
are looking for long-term solutions. they're talking about improving laws to prevent air pollution. they say they'll strengthen supervision to make sure people abide by those laws. plus, they want to drop specific control measures on major pollutants and vehicle emissions. in january china's environmental protection ministry set a timetable for major cities to meet the national air quality standard by 2030. but over the weekend, one chinese official urged speedier action. he said people cannot wait that long for clean air. >> air pollution is one of the major issues mpc members will be discussing. their meeting opened today. how did things start off? >> reporter: outgoing premier wen jiabao outlined the accomplishments in the past decade and the challenges that lie ahead. i went to the great hall of the people to listen in. officially it was the government work report. but this was also wen jiabao's swan song, the last time he would greet the national people's congress. >> translator: we see it as necessary and appropriate to set this year's target for economic growth at about 7.5%. the goal
Mar 8, 2013 6:00am PST
. >> this professor teaches law at peking university. he led a group of 70 experts who signed a series of proposals submitted to the government in december. shortly after xi jinping became communist party chief. they described chinese people as frustrated with corruption, abuse of power and growing wage gap between rich and poor. they said this frustration would reach a critical point if political reform didn't move ahead. they warned chinese society could face a violent revolution and fall into chaos. he posted proposals on his website but he said it was erased within 24 hours. >> why chinese society is so unstable today? precisely because of a lack of credible reform. it's because of this lack the government or the government policies, government actions are not responsible to people. so that's why our air is so dirty. our underground waters got into trouble. so many people, especially the peasants, lost their land. we need a reform to start with. because the government has only emphasized economic reform. they only pay lip service to judiciary reform. >> reporter: in january, a demonstration in
Mar 7, 2013 6:00am PST
between companies and local governments. >> translator: it is very hard to enforce the environmental laws while the focus is on promoting economic growth in rural areas. sometimes local leaders will protect the interests of the companies and obstruct steps to protect the environment. >> reporter: civic concern is higher than ever before about the environmental pollution and the effect on health. in order to ease public anxiety, the chinese government will investigate the cause and look into the contamination and disclose information. >> reporter: michitaka yamaka is joining us now, you heard from farmers who say they don't want to drink the water from the wells and they want someone to clean them up right away. what can they do? >> they have little choice but some complain. some villagers have sent petitions to local and public officials demanding immediate action but they say they have received no concrete response. and it is not just the villagers in ginhan frustrated. demonstrations against environmental contamination are spreading in many parts of china. some people are considering fi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3